The Firm

Acfin Audit Ltd

Acfin Audit Ltd is a licensed independent accounting, auditing and advisory firm which is based in Nicosia. The firm was established by experienced professionals with the aim to integrate different levels of expertise and knowledge and transform them to added value for its clients, the profession and society.

At Acfin, service excellence is not just a catchphrase. It is what we are committed to delivering to each and every client. We are big enough to know what you need, but small enough to know your name.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to go beyond the expectations of our clients and associates by delivering value and excellence in what we offer. Around this philosophy, we have developed and adopted certain policies and procedures which are in line with the total quality management principles, enabling us to be considered by our clients a reliable business partner.

The core principles and values of the firm resulted in the creation of a strong network of business associates both in Cyprus and abroad, through which we are able to offer a wide range of professional services at the highest standards.


1. Integrated solutions under one roof

Through our personnel and our partners we are able to provide a full range of accounting, taxation, audit and advisory services in accordance with the requirements of domestic legal frameworks and international professional standards.

2. Experience & knowledge

Our experience throughout the years and our presence in international markets, in conjunction with a well-trained team, enable us to provide specific guidance and solutions which are directly tailored to the requirements and perspectives of our clients.

3. High quality and in every business aspect

We strongly believe that in today’s world, quality is not just a matter of survival but is a matter of success. Getting things right from the beginning is extremely efficient in the medium and the long run. By having in place quality processes and by recruiting quality people, we can eventually provide quality solutions. For this reason, our overall approach to quality is an integral part of our corporate culture and has been adopted in every aspect of our daily activities. This approach applies equally to all stages of our work regardless of the significance and the size of each task.

Our Mission

At ACFIN you are unique and you deserve a unique service. Our priority is you. We listen to you hard because we’re genuinely interested in understanding your situation and become completely focused on providing a service tailored on what you really need, always in accordance to the professions standards. Our professional competence and due care, integrity and objectivity are the key drivers of our way of doing business.
“We continually strive to create value for our clients, based on a business relationship beyond Numbers”

Social Responsibility

At Acfin, we believe that vibrant and engaged communities happen when there are dedicated people to support them. As a firm, we do this by providing service to a number of nonprofit organisations and by offering our people time away from the office to participate on boards and committees, and in other volunteer capacities. One of our greatest strengths is in supporting our people to volunteer their time, talents and treasures in communities where they live, and in activities that reach people in positive ways.