Business Start-ups

To many people starting a new business sounds an easy task which requires a good business proposition, commitment and funding. There are many cases though, where entrepreneurs begin with lots of prospects and enthusiasm but they end up with high investment and operational costs and ultimately an unexploited opportunity. This is largely due to the lack of expertise in certain legal and financial matters, which they should have been considered at the very early stages of the business idea.

Although someone might not need to be an expert to handle such aspects, a professional advice and support should be required by an expert.

Seeking a professional advice should be an integral part of the planning stage of every entrepreneur, since as they say by failing to plan you plan to fail.

We are genuinely interested in listening to your business idea and guide you through the most effective and efficient way to turn your idea into reality.

Some important issues which need to be addressed are the following:

  • The most suitable structure for your business (is there a need for registering a company or you can be a sole trader? is partnership an alternative if two or more persons are involved?);
  • Details of the business proposition, preparation of a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets, and forecasts;
  • Financing requirements, advise on possible sources of finance (debt vs equity);
  • Establishment of good relationships with the bank and various stakeholders;
  • Registration procedures with Registrar of Companies, Social Insurance office, Tax department and Customs & Excise;
  • Administration issues applicable to the chosen business type;
  • Internal procedures and compliance with statutory requirements;
  • Available grants or other schemes which could be utilised by the business;
  • Computer hardware and software requirements and selection; and
  • Compliance requirements (bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and other accounting requirements)